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Peculiar Yogi Pte Ltd values and respects your privacy. This Policy sets out the manner in which we will deal with your personal information, whether you are browsing on our website, or are a regular yogi with us.

This Policy may be updated by us from time to time and any revisions made to this Policy will be duly published on our website.

Collection, Retention and Usage of Personal Information

We may from time to time collect your personal information by various means, as well as use or further share such personal information, in each case, for the purposes and in accordance with the terms set out below.

Visitors Browsing our Website

If you are a visitor to our website and browse information presented on our website, personal information may be collected by us. Apart from personal information that you explicitly provide to us, we may also collect other personal information, such as the Internet Protocol address of the device, which you use to browse our website.

When you visit our website or when you use our web or mobile app (when available), we may, either through the use of cookies or other means, collect information on your usage or preferences.  Such information may be kept by us for up to 365 days, depending on the type of information.  Where there is an option to log-in, then information collected after you log in may be kept by us for a longer period, typically up to 730 days.

All personal information collected by us through our website will generally be used by us for the following purposes:

  • monitoring traffic and tracking usage on our website;
  • maintaining and improving our website;
  • evaluating the kind of information that is of interest to persons who visit our website;
  • marketing our classes and other services; and
  • other purposes incidental to any of the aforesaid.

When you visit our website, you would be deemed to consent to the collection and usage of your personal information as described above.

Newcomer and Regular Yogis

If you are considering the possibility of joining us for yoga, pilates or other classes that we might run, you may be requested, in the course of signing up with us, to provide us with personal information relating to yourself or to other individuals.   We would typically collect and retain your name, your e-mail address, your contact phone number, your address, and emergency contact person.   This will be set out in the Member Sign-Up Form.  

Such personal information will be collected, retained and used by us for the following purposes:

  • communications on regular classes, programs, schedules and other related announcements;
  • monitoring attendance at scheduled classes;
  • communications on new classes or programs that we think may be of interest to you; and
  • other purposes incidental to any of the aforesaid.

When you sign up with us, we may also collect information relating to your next of kin, which we will use as emergency contact information.

When you sign up with us (whether as a new member or for new classes as an existing member), please note that our classes are hosted by a third party studio booking service provider and the personal information we request from you are going to be collected, and retained on our behalf by the studio booking service provider.  

When you provide the personal information, you would be deemed to have consented for us and the studio booking service provider to collect, retain or use your personal information for the purposes and in the manner stated above.

Please note that when you make payment to us for any purpose, our payment service provider may also collect certain personal information such as your credit card details.  Please understand that this information is collected by the payment service provider (rather than by us) and we are not responsible for this.

If you provide us with personal information that relate to other individuals, we would assume that you have the requisite permission from those other individuals to provide their personal information to us on their behalf, and that you further represent and warrant to us that those other individuals have similarly consented to our collection, retention, and usage of their personal information.

In the course of our classes, we may take photos or record videos of you, either individually or in groups.   We may post such photos and videos onto our website or social media pages, as part of our marketing efforts.  If you do not consent to having your photos taken, or having videos recording done or if you do not wish for us to use such photos or videos, please inform us in advance ahead of the class.

Security and Protection of Personal Information

Only authorised personnel at Peculiar Yogi Pte Ltd will have access to your personal information, and such access will always be on a need-to-know basis. We will safeguard all personal information in our possession and control, and take all reasonable measures consistent with industry standards, to preserve the confidentiality of all personal information and to prevent unauthorised access, usage, disclosure or disposal. However, to the fullest extent permitted by law, we disclaim responsibility for any unauthorised use of your personal information arising from circumstances that are beyond our reasonable control.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Generally, we will not disclose any personal information in our possession or control to third parties, unless consent has been given by the individual to whom the personal information relates, or where the law authorises disclosure or requires us to make disclosure.

We owe the same duty to protect the privacy of all our yogis.  Accordingly, we are not obliged to disclose to you, any personal information that relates to another person, unless we have the consent of that other person to do so.

Your Right of Access to Your Own Personal Information

Except in certain situations specified by law, you are generally entitled to access your personal information in our possession or control, and to request information on the ways such personal information has been used or disclosed by us over the past one year, from the date of your request.

If we are unable to respond to your request for access within 30 days, we will inform you within the 30 day period of when we will respond.

Please note that in order for us to recover the incremental costs associated with administering a request from you to access your personal information, the law entitles us to charge a fee. Generally, the fee will correspond to the time and effort required to administer your access request, and we will inform you in advance of the amount of such fee.  We are entitled to refuse you access, if you do not agree to pay the fee.

Your Right to Correct Personal Information

Generally, you are also entitled to request us to correct any error or omission in your personal information in our possession or control. If we are satisfied that a correction ought to be made to your personal information, we will make the correction as soon as practicable. If necessary and subject to your request, we will also send the corrected personal information to any organisation to which we had disclosed the personal information within the past one year.

Storage and Retention of Personal Information

We will take all reasonable measures to ensure that documents containing personal information are properly destroyed or rendered anonymous, once it is reasonable for us to assume that the original purpose for which the personal information collected, is no longer served by its retention and that retention is no longer necessary for any legal or business purpose.

Generally, we do not transfer any personal information that is in our possession or control to a location outside of Singapore. If we do so, we will comply with the necessary legal requirements, to ensure that such transferred personal information receives a comparable level of protection as they would under Singapore law.

Queries or Concerns?

If you have any questions concerning this Policy or the manner in which we manage personal information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing us at hello@peculiaryogi.com.

Signing Up to Receive Updates from Us

In whatever capacity you are interacting or have previously interacted with us, we would be happy to stay in touch with you!

You can sign up to receive email updates and marketing communications from us by signing up for our email newsletter or by emailing hello@peculiaryogi.com. In signing up, you would be required to provide us with certain personal information, including but not limited to, your full name and email address, and you would be consenting for us to use such personal information to communicate with you.

If you are already receiving any email marketing communications from us and wish to vary or discontinue your subscription, you may also send an email to us at hello@peculiaryogi.com or by clicking on the unsubscribe link present in our email marketing communications. Pl

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