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About Peculiar Yogi

The palms together is a greeting Namaste. It creates a beautiful first impression. And it gives a positive energy to the branding. Yogis always greet each other with a non-contact gesture with palms together, fingers pointing up, and with a slight bow. This Namaste gesture also helps to alleviate mental stress and anxiety. It is also a practice to achieving focus and bringing yourself into a meditative state.

Lowercase lettering represents a specific respectful attitude towards the brand name and also to the community. It shows a less formal relationship. It is like we know each other for a while, and we don’t need to take the situation too formally. A sense of being humble and at the same time, having respect for each other.

Why yogi instead of yoga? Yogi is anyone that practices yoga, regardless of gender, experienced or new to yoga. Modern yoga, as we know it today, is often more physical, mainly the bending and twisting of the body. That said, a wise teacher once said, “Bring yoga along with you in whatever you do, let it be a guiding light to brighten up the journey you are on.” Anyone can be a yogi, a peculiar yogi.


Always Curious, Always Humble

Peculiar Yogi is a safe, non-judgmental space for everyone new and experienced to practice yoga (asanas). We don’t judge if you can or cannot touch your toes, or if you can or cannot bend backwards, or to be like an owl that can turn its head to look behind. We welcome all to the practice, regardless of age, gender, or religion.

What we request of you is to come to the mat with an open heart and willingness to do something that your future self will thank you. When teachers are on the yoga mat, they become students again. Teachers also learn from other teachers, and teachers also learn from the yogis in class.

We want to build a community that can support each other, be there for each other through all the challenges life throws at us. We are a family of yogis practising and having fun together.

36B Arab St, Level 3 and 4, Singapore 199735

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