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Full harvest moon 29 Sep

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Full Harvest Moon Sound Healing

By by Peter


Embrace the enchanting vibes of the Full Harvest Moon this mid autumn 🌕🍂

Join us for a mesmerising Gong & Singing Bowls class, harmonising with the rich energies of this September lunar spectacle that coincides with mid autumn festival 中秋节.

Let the soothing sounds transport you to a state of deep relaxation and inner connection as we celebrate the abundance of the season. 🍁🎶

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to align yourself with the powerful energies of the Full Harvest Moon. 🌾✨

Full Buck Moon Himalayan Singing Bowls & Gongs

By by Peter


Align yourself with the vibrant energies of the Full Buck Moon through the mesmerising sounds of the Himalayan Singing Bowls and Gong. This July lunar event signifies strength, vitality, and abundance. Allow the resonant tones to transport you into a state of deep relaxation and introspection. Harness the potent energies of the moon and find balance within yourself. Join us for this transformative experience and connect with your inner power in tune with the Full Buck Moon.

Strawberry Full Moon Himalayan Singing Bowls & Gongs

By Peter


Embrace the Strawberry Full Moon’s nurturing energy through the enchanting sounds of Singing Bowls. In this special event, the gentle frequencies of the bowls blend with the celestial vibrations, amplifying relaxation and spiritual connection. Experience the profound harmony and alignment that arises as you release stress and invite tranquility. The Singing Bowl class during the Strawberry Full Moon offers a space for self-care, reflection, and setting intentions in tune with nature’s rhythms. Immerse yourself in the meditative melodies, tap into the transformative power of the moon, and embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery.

Full Flower Moon

By by Peter


Full Flower Moon is the first Lunar Eclipse of 2023, marking the end of the cycle that started in October 2022. As the flowers bloom and fill the landscape, emotions bubble up as we reflect on the happenings during the current lunar cycle.

Peter is adding Gong sounds to help us enter a meditative state while embracing the excitement and cheerfulness of the Himalayan Singing Bowls. It’s time to invite new life, release the new cycle, and let go whatever that no longer serves us.

Full Pink Moon Himalayan Singing Bowls

By by Peter


While the coming full moon is named “Full Pink Moon”, the moon does not physically shines pink. After the snow and ice thaw as spring arrives, the gradually budding flowers colour the fields with pink shades and tones.

The beginning of spring brings warmth and light to the land that was once cold and harsh during winter. Rivers and streams start to flow again, inviting life and new adventures. It’s time to let go of the thoughts and actions that don’t serve us anymore.

Himalayan singing bowls have been used in sound therapy and sound bath sessions since a long time ago. The sound and vibrations of the carefully selected bowls relieve us of pain and anxiety. Join us for an another amazing session led by Peter and enjoy the wonders of sound baths.

Leo Full-moon Himalayan Singing Bowls

By Peter


Leo full moon is a time for love, having a good time and being goofy about things. It is a time to put relationship and love as a priority. Using this sound bath as a session to reconnect with the heart and love ones.

If we are feeling insecure about some issues, it’s a good time to look into why do we feel this way internally then to look outside. Answers to the problems could be closer to us than we thought. Solutions could be right there and we do not see it. Lets bring ourselves into mindfulness and look inwards. Listen to the heart for important decisions, but do not listen and follow blindly. Do not let impulse rule over us this full moon.

Join us for a peaceful Himalayan singing bowl sound bath that will bring clearness to the mind and enhance the feeling of love in as we bath in the energy of this Leo full moon.

Full Wolf Moon Himalayan Singing Bowls

By Peter


It’s the first full moon in 2023. Be prepared to experience a high level of energy vibration. The Wolf Moon is a perfect time to reinforce social bonds, reaffirm your connections and take new challenges together. The wolf is a strong and spiritual animal, it gives great strength and courage. It prepares the mind for the what comes and with this, your intuition will heighten.

The moon will be in Cancer, which bring the home and family into focus. Emotions will fluctuate and overthinking could set in. It’s time to forgive people that have done you wrong, and most importantly forgive yourself. Let’s come together to create the energy of emotional manifestations to carry us for the journey ahead and help us muster the courage to make wise decisions for the year.

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