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Arm Balance & Inversions, Ashtanga, Hatha
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Meet Ashley! Even certified as an instructor, he remains a student at heart and continuously seeks to deepen his knowledge and love for yoga with every practice. Starting out as a very inflexible yogi himself, he understands the struggles of inflexibility most students face at the start.

    Flow, Hatha
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    For Blake, yoga is the ultimate retreat from the bustle of our daily lives. She believes that on a physical level, yoga helps improve strength and flexibility, but beyond that - yoga is also about self-discovery and building mental endurance. Just come as you are, leave everything at the door and get ready for an adventure on the mat!

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    Celina 禹桐
    阴瑜伽, 哈他

      大家好我是Celina 很高兴Peculiar yogi 有这样的平台让我跟大家见面,也可以和大家一起分享瑜伽带来的喜乐……我学习瑜伽有一段时间了,在这段时间里可以感同身受的体验瑜伽给我身体和心灵带来的成长,和进步……未来的日子里我也会和瑜伽同在!希望大家也来和我一起练习瑜伽,体验瑜伽给我们身体和心灵带来的成长和进步……我的课呢我希望我的学生可以一直保持微笑的练习瑜伽,微笑的面对生活,也要微笑的面对瑜伽的疼痛,还要记得呼吸,因为呼吸是给身体注入养份,好了伽人们,我们垫子上见喽☺️

        Chin Chin
        Flow, Hatha
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        Meet Chin! She loves how yoga unites body, breath, and mind. Join her on the mat to unwind, have fun, and experience the journey within!

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        Flow, Stretch
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        Deborah enjoys Yoga for the peace and tranquility that it brings to her during practice. The focus of mind and body whilst being able to keep everything else at bay keeps her sane. She is also a certified PT that enjoys working out at the gym and appreciates the balance that Yoga brings to her life. She is obsessed with headstands and looks forward to sharing her practice with you.

          哈他初级, 流瑜伽

            Donna King is a passionate yoga teacher with RYT200, RCYT95 cert, 40hours Ashtanga Teacher Training with David Swenson in 2019, and online Ashtanga workshop with Mark Darby in 2020, with yoga teaching experience of more than 600 hours and 200 students. Donna’s class focuses on breathing, spinal health, core strength, and the balance of strength and flexibility of your body.

            Breathing is the essence of yoga practice at Donna’s class. It connects our mind and body better. Movement with breathing is a dynamic meditation. Donna doesn’t only teach the poses, but more highlight the reason for doing them, and how to use your body wisely in daily life. The daily practice on yoga mat empowers our real life greatly off the mat.


                Eve is a happy yogi who graduated from Ashtanga training 5 years ago and started teaching since. Her motto is No Pain No Gain while practicing with detachment! She sees herself merely as a guidance and believes in deepening her own practice by learning from her students and other fellow teachers

                  Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin
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                  Meet James! A simple yogi that loves to share knowledge on the mat. He just can't stop talking about yoga to everyone he meets. Join him for Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin classes!

                  Ashtanga, Stretch, Yin
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                  Yoga is more than just making shapes to Joys. Through yoga, Joys learnt more about mindfulness and being present, which has helped her tremendously in her daily life. She looks forward to sharing her energy on the mat!

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                  Beginner, Stretch

                    She is very approachable and willing to share her knowledge about yoga. Her calming presence makes her a very fun and dedicated yoga instructor. She believes yoga isn't about picture perfect poses - it doesn't matter where you are, just show up consistently and you'll reach your goals.

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                      Meet Naski! A learner, yogi, and instructor. She believes there's no competition in yoga. Just be your authentic self every time you step on the mat, and authenticity must come from the heart.

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                      Meet Pat! A yogi who believes in progress not perfection, and one is never too old or too inflexible to pick up yoga. Join Pat as she adopts a gentle and supportive approach using props such as yoga wheel and chair to help you embark on your yoga journey. Join her for Wheel and Hatha classes!

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                        Beyond the daily vicissitudes of life, yoga has become Peter's refuge and a continual journey towards his most authentic self. He hopes that through the practice of Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga with him, you get 1% better each day.

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                        Rita 丽清
                        Wheel, Hatha, Beginner
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                          Semantha 慧敏
                          Flow, Yin
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                          Semantha believes that anyone can do yoga! Just take a deep breath and enjoy the journey. 每个人都有无限的潜能(宜动宜静),独一无二的自己可以创造属于自己的瑜伽旅程。

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                            Meet Shally! She loves being with people, listening to their joyful stories. With all the love in her, she has created yoga sequences catering to specific problems we face in our body.


                                Yoga is Vance's safe space to momentarily withdraw from the outside world, focusing only on what happens within the four corners of the mat.

                                During the practice, it's just you, your breath, and the poses, the perfect nourishment for your mind, body and soul.

                                Ashtanga was what fueled Vance's journey, and he's always excited to share the love of Ashtanga to other yogis.

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                                “Yoga reconnects us to our bodies, heal our hearts and awaken our souls.”

                                Meet Yolanda! Plant lover, Melophile and Anime fan who is passionate about sharing the practice. She believes in connecting with her students while always holding space, together finding stillness and focus using breath and movement.

                                Join her for a mindful flow class with longer holds and a spirit of playfulness!

                                  Yu Rong
                                  Ashtanga, Flow, Hatha, Yin
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                                  Having experienced firsthand how regular yoga practice has fundamentally transformed her stiff body and monkey mind, Yu Rong hopes to inspire others to embark on their own journey to wellness. Join her for Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin!

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                                  Zi Ying

                                    Zi Ying believe that yoga is an opportunity for one to connect the mind, body & soul. Looking forward to spreading my love for yoga to more people. Let's hop on to your yoga mat and uncover a better version of yourself.

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