36B Arab St, Level 3 and 4, Singapore 199735

Face Yoga @ Peculiar Yogi

by Kwa Yiqian

Studio @ 36B Arab St

face yoga by yiqian

What Is Face Yoga?

Class description and its benefits

different facial habits

Face yoga is a natural non-invasive method to help maintain your facial appearance.

More than just facial exercises, gain awareness of our different facial muscles and how to better engage them in your daily functions.

Learn about the importance of facial posture and facial habits that may possibly be sabotaging your skincare efforts.




facial muscles anatomy
about yiqian

About Yiqian

Yoga is Yiqian’s way of strengthening her mind-body connection as she delves deeper into understanding more about herself, so she can help other yogis do the same. When Yiqian is not on the mat, you can find her amongst books and plants.

36B Arab St, Level 3 and 4, Singapore 199735

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