36B Arab St, Level 3 and 4, Singapore 199735

Pay with Crypto @ Peculiar Yogi

Peculiar Yogi is accepting crypto payments for classes, workshops

Details and instructions of payment below:

1. Open your crypto wallet app. There must be crypto balance in your wallet to send crypto to Peculiar Yogi’s wallet.

2. Scan the QR code or enter our respective wallet address in your crypto wallet app to send. We currently only accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. (Please double check that the details are correct. If sent wrongly, it will not be refunded by the other parties.)



3. Send the equivalent amount of the classes, class packs you would like to purchase in “crypto value” to peculiar yogi’s crypto wallet. (eg. x amount of ETH for $300 for our 150-credit pack)

4. Upon successful transfer, please take a screenshot of the transaction. Send us an email at hello@peculiaryogi.com with your email address and name. (This step is very important for us to verify the transaction.)

5. We’ll verify with our crypto wallet and add the class pack to your account accordingly. Process will not be immediate as we do need to check the amount has been received in the crypto wallet.

6. Once we verify the details, the class pack will be added to your account and all you have to do is to activate the class pack and start booking classes as per normal.

36B Arab St, Level 3 and 4, Singapore 199735

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