COVID-19 Measures

Let’s do our part in this fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to this page for the latest updates based on the latest measures advised and directed by the Singapore Government’s Multi-ministry task force and ActiveSg.

Latest updated: 15 May 2021

On 14th May 2021, Sport Singapore (SportSg) announced that “All sport/recreational facilities can only admit a maximum number of persons according to its Gross Floor Area based on 16 Sqm per person, up to a maximum of 50 persons, instead of 10 Sqm per person. No facility, regardless of size, shall admit more than 50 persons.”

Based on our studio's size, we can accommodate up to 4 yogis per studio while still adhering to the restrictions.

As such, when attending classes, please ensure to follow the following measures. These are strictly required by the health authorities in Singapore.

1. Mask on at all times

Please ensure that you wear your mask before, during, and after the practice. Peculiar Yogi’s instructors have made necessary adjustments to our classes to ensure that you can continue your practice at our studio with masks on.

Higher intensity classes such as Ashtanga and Hatha will still be available, but at a lower intensity so you can still breathe comfortably with masks on.

2. No admittance if yogis show flu-like symptoms or fail the temperature screening

Please be responsible and not attend class if you show flu-like symptoms or are feeling unwell. Also, if you fail the temperature screening and are suspected to have fever, we’ll have to ask you to go home and rest, and we’ll refund your credits.

3. Smaller class capacity

Our studio’s capacity is down to only 4 mats for yogis and 1 mat for the instructor to adhere to the updated safe distancing rules for yoga studios. This applies to both Studio Ekam (lower floor) and Studio Dwe (upper floor). Please book early!

4. Bring your own mat, mat towels, sweat towels, blocks, and straps

Mats, towels and props won’t be provided at our studios to adhere to the updated rules. Please bring your own mat, towels and props if you need them, but our instructors have adjusted the classes to not require props.

We have mats and new towels available for sale - please approach our staff for more details. We’re updating our website to allow yogis to purchase online as well.

5. Instructors will not adjust or assist

Peculiar Yogi instructors will not adjust or assist in any poses, and will only give verbal cues and demonstration.

6. No eating or drinking allowed in the studio

Please don’t bring any food or drinks to the studio, as yogis are required to have their masks on at all times. Please hydrate yourself before coming into the studio and after leaving the studio.

7. Minimise speaking and keep volume down

Please try not to chat with friends or other yogis in the studio. Try to speak only where required

Please email us at or DM us on Instagram if you have any questions or concerns.

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