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Ashtanga Basics | Ashtanga Primary (Led)

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K. Pattabhi Jois founded Ashtanga Yoga. The series is fixed from the 1st inhale to the last exhale in practice. Movements are controlled and purposeful.

Ashtanga Basics is the foundation of the practise where you will learn how to do the two forms of Sun Salutations correctly, and also the postures that are part of the full primary series. The transition from one pose to the next is by flowing movements known as the Vinyasa. This is where you start to get the foundation strong enough to practice the Full Ashtanga Primary Series eventually.

hatha yoga class


Hatha 1 | Hatha 2 | Hatha with inversions

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Hatha Yoga is the main branch of YOGA that comprises of postures also known as Asanas. Hatha tries to balance the Ida and Pingala, which is the right and the left energy flows of the body.

Hatha with inversion is suitable for beginners and experienced Yogis as it involves not just the basic poses, but poses that build towards doing some form of inversion. To prepare the Yogi for Hatha 2 later which comprises of more inversion poses.

hatha ladies only class


Hatha (Ladies only)

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Focusing on static postures and longer holds are fantastic for students who are looking for a well-rounded practice. Hatha is non-Vinyasa-based.

The postures are curated specially for the ladies and taught by a female teacher that understands and knows what the female body need. Be in a safe environment as you practice knowing you are in good hands.

yin yoga class



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Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with asanas (postures) that we hold for more extended periods than in other forms. For beginners, we hold the pose for up to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more. Yin yoga, though slow pace, can get pretty intense and it could release lots of hidden tension internally. By staying for an extended period in the pose, we aim to relax the muscles as much as we can, to achieve the release of tension that causes the body to be tight and painful sometimes.

Yin Yang

Yin yang

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Find that Yin yoga is too slow and feminine? YIN-YANG brings you the best of both worlds. Yin yoga that works on the tendons and ligaments. Yang yoga works on stretching and strengthening the muscles. You could break just a little bit of sweat in this class, as compared to the traditional Yin yoga. Feel the difference in the body and the calmness of the mind.

yoga core class


Yoga core

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Yoga does not only focus on the stretching of muscles, but it also strengthens them. You have always heard people say, use your core, but where and what is your core? Explore muscles in your body that you might not even know exist.

Postures are more strength related and resistance building in nature to strengthen the core. There is nothing more satisfying than a session that makes you sweat buckets.

yoga wheel class


Yoga Wheel

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Learn and explore the many benefits of creatively using the yoga wheel to further engage your muscles or deepen into stretches in traditional yoga poses. Suitable for both beginners and regular practitioners.

yoga stretch class


Yoga stretch

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After being in front of the computer the whole day, it feels so good to have the body stretching and twisting. Some days we can feel that the muscles are so tight, and it does not feel happy. Postures vary according to the students in the class. It can be a simple stretching session. It can also swing towards a more intense session that demands more from you.

Be amazed by what a good stretching session can do for your body. Happy Muscles, Happy Body.

yoga for immunity class


Yoga For Immunity

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The benefits of Yoga are not just limited to stress relief and mental wellness. If practiced properly and regularly, yoga can help to recharge our bodies, get rid of negative energy and keep our vital organs functioning well. There are asanas that can help to boost up our immune system and build resilience both inside and outside.

flow class


Flow | Gentle Flow | Power Flow

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A dynamic style of yoga that combines different postures from Hatha yoga through the flows of vinyasas. The flow practice will connect you with one asana, one breath, energising your steady internal rhythm as you deepen your practice.



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A two-part class that starts with cardio and strength movements from dynamic yoga poses done HIIT (high-intensity interval training) style and a slow-paced second half that stretches out the muscles used.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

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A rehabilitation practice focusing on certain parts of the body (For example: lower back, neck). Detailed instructions will be given to focus on the alignment and breathing to bring the body back to health. Suitable for anyone seeking to heal the bodies or returning to practice after an injury.

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